About This Project

Customer is an floor plan financing and equipment leasing company based in Florida, USA. The company focuses exclusively on loss prevention and revenue optimization for businesses.

Executive Summary

Design and develop mobile and web based automotive inventory and fleet management inspection solution that fosters collaboration among floor plan and dealers in real time.


Existing process to audit high value inventory assets was very complex. It was very costly to support floor plan companies, third-party inspectors, dealerships, actions, manufacturers, distribution centers.

Client wants to perform simple Do IT Yourself Audit Inspection.

Client wants secure and reliable Audit Reconciliation.

Remote Inventory and Asset Tracking.

How Our Organization Helped

We built state of the art mobile and web application to extract full details of vehicle through VIN number.

Designed and developed advanced streamlined interface.

Implemented Barcode, QRCode, NFC scanning technology.

Implemented Geofencing to track users for fraud detection.

We developed state of the art camera modules to capture front and back photos simultaneously.

We built secure tags scanning by remote GPS.

Developed DIY user friendly application to perform inspection in real time.


Customer is realizing 30% increase in sales wins and profitability due to sophisticated paperless, remote vehicle verification software developed by Sysfort.