About This Project

The customeris a transportation and logistics company based in USA. The customer provides exceptional service by investing in innovative technologies. Customer strives for operational excellence and is keenly focused on safety of the drivers.

Executive Summary

Implement Salesforce Sales Cloud to manage Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Sales representatives' activities. Customize CRM solution to automate business needs, gain real-time visibility into sales and close deals faster.


Client was not able to manage sales leads from multiple channels.

Client was not able to track, convert and close sales leads efficiently.

Client was not able to connect sales, marketing, finance, billing and service teams to guide each prospect through a personalized customer journey - to build longtime, loyal customers.

Client was not able to automate processes and access data on any device in real time.

Client was not able to adjust sales strategy on-the-fly.

How Our Organization Helped

We implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud solution to efficiently automate business needs.

We built real time reports, dashboards, analytics to track sales teams progress.

We developed a Software as a Software (SaaS) platform for browser based and mobile application access.

We built features to view meetings, events, capture leads, update accounts, join conference calls, take meeting notes, monitor performance, answer queries.

Social media feed was enabled to collaborate with user community.


With the SaaS solution implemented bySysfort, client business grew exponentially. The sales team could make smart decisions on the fly. Sales productivity and conversion rate increased by 15%. Quote creation and approval time reduced by 10%.