About This Project

The customer develops high tech products for wide area networks. Customer is located in Silicon Valley, California and is a leader in SD-WAN solution. Customer delivers transformational promise of the cloud with a self-driving wide area network. Customer gives enterprises and service providers flexibility, security and cost effectiveness to connect users directly to their applications.

Executive Summary

Implement Salesforce Lightning, Sales Cloud and CPQ a complete quote to cash solution to manage all outbound customer communication, customer acquisition and customer engagement. Implement solution for seamless information flow between Sales, Finance and Executive teams.


Clientused multiple systems to track information about a customer at different stages of the customer sales lifecycle.

Multiple systems were not communicating relevant information with each other to provide personalized customer experience for promotions and campaigns.

As multiple systems were not integrated and they had several data issues.

Client needed a system with better organizational and reporting capabilities.

Client wanted visibility into sales representative activities to better coach them on sales process and track compliance and accountability.

Client wanted to spot sales bottlenecks, improve forecasting accuracy and identify user buying trends.

How Our Organization Helped

We implemented entire process flow from Quote to Cash using Salesforce Lightning, Sales Cloud and CPQ Billing solution.

We created customer journeys based on customer lifecycles, captured different scenarios and behaviours for personalization.

We configured price and quote modules for billing purpose. We configured price book by setting up complex discounting rules for volume based pricing.

We implemented features such as auto generated quotes, canned responses and lead ranking.

We configured social networking connectivity for user communication.

We configured Campaign tracking and captured all customer interactions in contact history to get a holistic view of the customer across different channels.

We setup emails for personalized event driven experience fetching content dynamically.

We automated the order, invoicing and payment management process.


Salesforcesolution implemented by Sysfort, increased customers sales wins. Workflow automationand 360 – degree view of sales channels enabled the customer to deliver smarter, faster and personalized services. Customer saw reduction of average turnaround times of reports and forecasts by 30%.