About This Project

Customer is a leading insurance agency that offers auto, home, business and life insurance coverage. The customer provides prompt, professional service while supplying a superior standard of protection.

Executive Summary

Customer utilizes Salesforce application for tracking claims handler viaGoogle API. Develop Expense Management System to keep track of the mileage travelled by claims adjuster along with related expenses incurred. Integrate the Expense Management System seamlessly with Salesforce.


Client was not able to track exact locations travelled by claims handler and calculate expense reimbursementaccordingly.

Client was not able to manage multiple customers or opportunities in a day.

Client was not able to utilize the resources up to its maximum potential.

Productivity and customer experience were not up to the mark.

How Our Organization Helped

Built Expense Management System to sync customer's data with Salesforce.

Developed an solution to track exact distance travelled by claims handler and exact expense incurred during the travel.

Mileage travelled and expense computed is fed into the Expense Management System.

Created custom objects to store information required for expense reporting.

UtilizedSalesforce validation functionality to ensure that data entered is correct.


Sysfort developed the Expense Management System and sync'd customer data with Salesforce. Accurate computation of expenses along with seamless integration reduced operational cost by 12%.