• 11 Nov

    How the Healthcare Sector Can Use Medical Virtual Assistants

    As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, it is important more than ever for patients to have ready access to healthcare providers. Healthcare providers must also strive to find solutions to assist doctors and nurses on daily basis...


  • 15 Dec

    Mobile Commerce Apps That Will Boost Your Retail Business

    Technology has definitely made a significant contribution to the evolution of the retail industry. The majority of the difficulties that retailers once addressed are now the concern of IT. This is also true for customers, who don't have to spend their time searching countless urban shops for a specific item or stressing over payment options...


  • 09 Jan

    4 Factors for Exploring Salesforce Custom Apps

    Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software which facilitates smooth interaction with clients using data analytics. Salesforce solutions are focused on sales, marketing and customer service...


  • 31 Jan

    Big Data Analytics

    Big data is defined as data that imposes technological challenges such as cloud databases, parallel data processing, and simple scalability of the system. Big data is characterized by descriptive qualities such as the data's nature and statistical accuracy...


  • 15 Feb

    Leading Trends in Share Point as a Smart Document Management until 2022

    The digital revolution of document management, which enables organisations to eliminate paper-based processes and automate tasks involving documents, is welcomed by businesses around the globe. The way that this procedure is carried out in 2022 will be influenced by a number of developments, including the use of cloud-based software...


  • 15 Mar

    A Successful IT Tactic

    It might be difficult to assess an IT plan's value until it produces tangible outcomes. However, it makes sense to identify the elements your IT plan should have in order to guide your firm in a competitive business environment before building it. We provide our vision of an efficient IT strategy based on our 18+ years of experience in both software development and IT management consulting.


  • 27 Apr

    AWS Consulting Service

    As businesses of all sizes look to leverage the power of the cloud to drive innovation and growth, AWS Consulting Services has become an essential part of the digital transformation journey. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the world's leading cloud provider, offering a range of cloud computing services that help businesses reduce costs, increase agility, and scale globally. AWS Consulting Services helps businesses navigate the complexities of the cloud and achieve their goals...