About This Project

Customer is a USA based company that connects the brick and mortar retailers directly to shoppersto have products quickly delivered to shopper's homes right after purchase.

Executive Summary

Successfully implemented solution on Magento platform to serve ecommerce needs of the business to handle large volumes of data and traffic seamlessly.


Client wants a rigid platform to handle large volume of service requests.

Client wants a reliable software to cater its customersand vendors.

Safe and secure system to track the consignments.

How Our Organization Helped

Designed and developed ecommerce solution for retailers on Magento platform.

We have developed a Web and Mobile application along with a web based Admin panel.

Developed various modules for effortless shopping experience such as : Website, Shopping portal, Admin panel, Super admin panel, Vendor admin panel, Supervisor panel, Mobile shopper app, Mobile driver app.

User friendly mobile applications with features for delivery tracking.

Integrated various payment gateways for seamless transactions.


The software developed by Sysfort increased foot traffic and in effect increased sales in brick and mortar retail stores. The solution reduced overheads required for customer engagement by 25%.