Application Development

Autonomous vehicles (Smart cars) and Electric vehicles (EVs) performance and reliability depend heavily on the integration of advanced software and electronically controlled systems.

We develop dedicated apps to gather relevant information on the vehicle performance, and offer personalized recommendations based on driving habits and battery health to electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. We use SaaS-based smart mobility technology, modern design, development methodology and deliver the best personalized and optimized visual and digital experiences to drivers.

  • Autonomous Vehicle Apps
  • EV Apps

Data Annotation

Vehicles with autonomous capabilities need properly annotated data to achieve higher levels of object detection accuracy. We offer extensive image and video data annotation services to train autonomous vehicle’s ML algorithms. Our services empower self-driving car’s computer vision to discern the driving environment, detect, interpret, safely and securely interact with real-time objects.

We provide bounding boxes, polygonal segmentation, semantic segmentation, 3D cuboids, key-point and landmark data annotation services.

  • Experienced and Well-trained Annotators
  • Rapid Turnaround Time
  • Strict Quality Assurance

Data Collection

Raw data is an essential part of autonomous vehicle project. We understand the importance of having sufficient amount of training data, to build a safe AI-powered self-driving car.

We collect much needed training data for clients. We ensure data is accurate, compliant, and secure. The data is meticulously collected laying the foundation for exceptional autonomous development.

  • Image data collection
  • Video data collection