As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, it is important more than ever for patients to have ready access to healthcare providers. Healthcare providers must also strive to find solutions to assist doctors and nurses on daily basis…

Chatbot an innovative technology solution can assist both patients and healthcare providers during their needs, ultimately improving overall standard of healthcare, making it more accessible and affordable.

This post gives an overview of chatbot applications in the healthcare sector, discuss some potential difficulties for computer programmers and demonstrate the value of this apparently large venture.

1. Information Assistance:

Chatbots provide basic information like clinic’s address, contact details, appointment hours etc. Users can get necessary information without bothering the support staff or spending too much time surfing the web.

Sysfort Advice:

Chatbots are built on underlying machine learning technology. Always monitor the performance and quality standards of medical chatbots. Team in charge of patient interaction should gauge user satisfaction levels by analysing patients feedback on chatbot functionality and routinely test chatbots on sample sessions to advance innovation.

Sysfort is an invention-based enterprise to promote global economic growth. Innovation:  it’s truly the key to accomplishing things in life.

2. Booking Appointments:

Chatbots can assist to book appointments quickly and conveniently. Chatbots allows users to choose doctor’s available date and time slots. It also provides confirmation and reminders of appointment. It reduces daily workload and chance of “scheduling” conflict due to human error.

Sysfort Advice:

Integrate HIS (Hospital Information System) with chatbots to access calendars and schedule appointments of medical providers.

3. Patient Diagnostics:

Up to 73% of administrative and diagnosis duties in the healthcare industry can be handled by IoT. Symptom checker chatbot can assist medical professionals in monitoring patients current state and perform diagnostic procedures. It will shorten patient visit average turnaround time, granting increased patient satisfaction.

Sysfort Advice:

Security and confidentiality of healthcare data is utmost important. High level of data, cybersecurity software must be implemented. Encryption techniques, data access security and management systems must be installed. Chatbot integration with healthcare organization CRM should be regularly checked for vulnerabilities and penetration.

4. Patient Treatment:

Chatbots can assist patients to take control of their own healthcare and raise participation in the recovery process. When coupled with a medical database, chatbots can transform into a personal nurse, encouraging users to take medicines, recommend diet, even offer basic consultation on symptoms. Chatbot linked to wristband, can gather data, suggest activities, alert doctor in case of medical emergency.

Sysfort Advice:

Malfunction of Chatbot could lower the standard of treatment and endanger patients’ wellbeing. Only low-risk Chatbot treatment activities, after in-depth human verification and certification should be performed.

5. Medication Refilling:

Chatbots can assist in prescription renewal and medication refill. Patient can make a request to chatbot to get a medication refill, notifying assigned doctor about the prescription request. The doctor makes final decision prompting user either to close the request or schedule a time for medication refill visit.

Sysfort Advice:

Rigorous Chatbot training and testing is necessary to build trust in medication refill/renewals consultancy. Functionality should be designed, developed and implemented in iterative cycle.

The Adoption of Chatbots in Healthcare is Beneficial.

According to Entrepreneur Intelligence, Chatbot adoption can save healthcare industry $11 billion dollars. Automation has lot of potential and is crucial to the efficient operation of the healthcare sector.

However, developing and deploying healthcare Chatbots is challenging and requires expertise in various technological fields, including cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Sysfort healthcare IT team with in-depth knowledge and know-how to develop best-in-class medical software solutions can assist you to build medical live chatbots.


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