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About This Project

Customer is a manufacturer of electric vehicles, powered with AI to enhance user experience, improve efficiency and reduce emission.

Executive Summary

Successfully implemented AI powered Fraud Detection and Asset Tracking System for electric vehicles.


•  Client struggling to combat fraudulent activities, managing risks, maintaining integrity and stability of the vehicle

•  Client facing exponential growth of data

•  Client facing privacy and security concerns with increase in sophisticated fraud techniques

•  Client facing privacy issues due to third-party applications collecting information from vehicle via CAN bus

How Our Organization Helped

•  Patent pending AI algorithms development

•  Multi user, multi tenancy design

•  Developed AI algorithms to analyse vast volumes of data, identify patterns, detect anomalies for fraud detection.

•  Leveraged machine learning techniques, natural language processing, and data analytics, developed systems to process large volumes of structured and unstructured data, identify outliers, and generate actionable insights in real-time.

•  Implemented proactive fraud detection functionality to mitigate risks.

•  Developed algorithms to optimize portfolio, analyse market trends and historical performance for asset management.

•  API ready for leading Enterprise systems integration


The AI solution implemented by Sysfort realized 90% fraud detection rate, 0.05% fraud alert rate ultimately gaining 150% ROI to the customer.

Project Info

The client is a leading AI powered electric vehicle manufacturer.
  • Industry Automotive
  • Location USA
  • Date 13 January 2023
  • Size 200-4500