Project Info

The client is a leading transportation and logistics company keenly focused on safety of the drivers.
  • Industry Retail
  • Location USA
  • Date 24 September 2022
  • Size 500-2000

Project Info

About This Project

Customer is a USA based market-leading retailer who strive to support, rich, hyper-personalized shopping experience across any channel, touchpoint or device.

Executive Summary

Successfully implemented AWS solution that provides rich shopping experience with advanced website performance, online security and best possible fulfilment for their shoppers.


•  Client struggling with availability, scalability and business agility.

•  Client unable easily discover, procure, deploy products from retail partners to influence customer actions and increase revenue.

•  Client impacted by online bot traffic affecting brand image and customer satisfaction.

•  Client facing slow page-load times and site security.

How Our Organization Helped

•  Implemented efficient marketplace to expand inventory assortment without carrying cost.

•  Adopted a micro-services based architecture that makes use of containers, serverless and native databases to quickly implement change.

•  Developed tools to streamline content creation, editing and publishing from a central location.

•  Built tools for 3D product previews.

•  Implemented microservices to facilitate consistent, multichannel buy-online-pickup-in-store service.

Idea to MVP

Dedicated domain and technology experts transform idea into MVP.

High ROI

Achieve maximum ROI with best-in-class product development services.

Improved GTM

Accomplish strategic business vision, with exceptional, market ready products.


The solution developed by Sysfort helped customer scale 400%, increase website foot traffic, increase sales in brick and mortar retail stores. The solution reduced overheads required for customer engagement by 50%.