Project Info

The client is a premier healthcare services provider to Licensed Medical Practitioners to achieve HIPPA compliance in secure manner.
  • Industry Healthcare
  • Location United States
  • Date 7 August 2020
  • Size 100-500

Project Info

About This Project

The customer is a leading provider of healthcare services in USA. Premier healthcare services are provided to Licensed Medical Practitioners to keep their licenses current, meet regulatory requirements, achieve HIPPA compliance in a simple and secure manner. Their services provide instant, efficient,risk free communication and collaboration between health care practitioners.

Executive Summary

Design, develop and configure Healthcare Marketplace to provide Insurance,Training, Travel, Medical Supplies and Customized Medical Products to health care practitioners using Salesforce. Create entire dedicated, secure and risk free storefront to various types of medical service providers using Salesforce.


•  Client was facing difficulty managing SMS or MMS alerts to registered physicians and nurses.

•  Customer was not able to configure sponsored alerts to remind expired and expiring licenses.

•  Customer was note able to integrate Payment for sponsorship alert.

•  Customer’s professional team was not able to manage multiple users or opportunities in a day.

•  Customer was facing problem with maintaining and verifying – Physicians and Nurses certificates.

•  Customer was not able to create marketplace for surgical instrument.

How Our Organization Helped

•  We developed the solution which helped customer to access and store the data from the standard and custom objects of Salesforce integrating with Twilio and Payment gateway.

•  We utilized Salesforce JavaScript controller, validation functionality with subscription functionality for recurring revenue model.

•  We helped customer with marketplace development using Twillio integration for SMS, MMS alerts for – certificates (upload document, expiring certificate alert, sponsor alert, conference alerts).

•  We helped customer with marketplace development – Sponsor Admin, Physicians and Nurses module.

•  We helped customer to manage Physicians and Nurses careers and perfect job matches.

•  We helped customer to manage marketplace post listings, built forms generation feature for .

•  We utilized custom settings to store private and public details of the application.

Idea to MVP

Dedicated domain and technology experts transform idea into MVP.

High ROI

Achieve maximum ROI with best-in-class product development services.

Improved GTM

Accomplish strategic business vision, with exceptional, market ready products.


With the customized marketplace developed by Sysfort, the client was able to provide end-to-end consistent, personalized experience to Licensed Medical Practitioners. There was a huge jump in memberships and sponsors listing on the marketplace. Clients ROI increased by 25%.