Project Info

The client is a leading travel company, providing leisure and business travel to customers worldwide.
  • Industry Travel
  • Location USA
  • Date 25 July 2000
  • Size 100-500

Project Info

About This Project

The client is a leading travel company, providing leisure and business travel to customers worldwide. The company provides direct booking facility to travelers and provides advertisers the opportunity to reach to highly valuable travelers.

Executive Summary

Implement migration of mission-critical legacy web applications to enable a quick and responsive service with minimal network latency.


•  Client was facing latency issue.

•  Client services extracted information which were inaccurate, error prone.

•  Clients search and suggestion service displayed error pages, resulting in site abandonment by users.

How Our Organization Helped

•  We migrated applications using Azure API Management. A new UI was hosted as a platform as a service (PaaS) application on Azure, and it caters to both

existing and new HTTP APIs. APIs were shipped with better-designed set of interface, enabling better performance, easier integration, and future extensibility.

•  We used blue-green deployment approach to create parallel production environments enabling continuous deployment.

•  We deployed applications in minimum amount of time, ensured seamless data availability, enabled disaster recovery.

•  The API Management instance was configured to map the legacy HTTP services to a new API contract. In this configuration, the new Web UI was unaware of the

integration with a set of legacy services/APIs and new APIs. We gradually ported functionality to the new APIs and retired the original services. We handled these

changes within API Management configuration, leaving the front-end UI unaffected and avoiding redevelopment work.

Idea to MVP

Dedicated domain and technology experts transform idea into MVP.

High ROI

Achieve maximum ROI with best-in-class product development services.

Improved GTM

Accomplish strategic business vision, with exceptional, market ready products.


With the Azure cloud solution implemented by Sysfort, the average network latency issue was reduced by 70%. Now the client can develop new applications faster, scale to process large volumes of data, and troubleshoot issues quickly.