The digital revolution of document management, which enables organisations to eliminate paper-based processes and automate tasks involving documents, is welcomed by businesses around the globe. The way that this procedure is carried out in 2022 will be influenced by a number of developments, including the use of cloud-based software, social media integration, mass acceptance of born-digital documentation, E-signature and several others.

The document automation technologies for 2022 are dominated by intelligent technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Due to its high level of scalability and capacity for system integration, SharePoint, one of the most widely used collaboration platforms today, effortlessly keeps up with current changes. Since 2009, Sysfort has provided SharePoint development and consulting services, and the company is well-versed in how to build a strong SharePoint-based document management system (DMS). And we are sure that technological solutions, particularly in large businesses, are essential to addressing modern document needs. We will discuss document automation trends that are being driven by cutting-edge technologies that we employ in our projects in this blog.

Intelligent software automation:

Automating repetitive operations, including producing documents and reports, is possible using robotic process automation (RPA). Intelligent process automation results from the combination of RPA with AI technologies like machine learning (ML). Intelligent process automation is less rigidly rule-based than Robotic process automation. It is a scalable technology that enables adjusting to changing data and situations, making it appropriate for automating complex variable operations.

Recognition of handwriting:

Combining advanced document capture with machine learning enables handwriting recognition. As a result, handwritten documents with information like postal addresses, bank check amounts or medical forms are digitalized using document capture software. Then, handwriting is recognised by machine learning algorithms. Even handwriting in cursive may be recognised with excellent accuracy using neural networks.

Progressive documents:

Audio and video files, photo galleries, hyperlinks and navigation buttons are all included in computer-based- based papers. Working with them is interesting and quick because they display areas for e-signatures. Thus, concluding a deal with only a few tablet taps.

Sysfort is an invention-based enterprise to promote global economic growth. Innovation:  it’s truly the key to accomplishing things in life.

Intelligent multiple instances

This technology extracts insights from unstructured data, such as written documents and photos, using machine learning and natural language processing. Intelligent document analysis employs numerous methods for document comprehension, including:

Text categorization

Allows you to categorise a document based on certain words, phrases, headings, information and even embedded images. It is utilised for instance, to route a document to the proper experts, which helps to conserve time and resources.

Similar texts

Permit finding duplicates or nearly identical items within a document or one of its components. In order to avoid confusion and conserve storage space, it helps erase obsolete copies of documents.

A brief overview

Helps provide a summary of a document so that users may obtain the gist of lengthy papers without reading them in their entirety. This method locates, selects, and connects the crucial sentences without changing them. A document can also be paraphrased to produce an organised, condensed text. By using natural language generation, a tool that creates text from structured data, the latter is made possible.

Watch the trends

By 2022 or even beyond, smart technologies will have completely transformed document management into intelligent data management.

The experts at Sysfort will show you where to begin if you want to stay current and include intuitive features in your document-driven business processes.

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