Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software which facilitates smooth interaction with clients using data analytics. Salesforce solutions are focused on sales, marketing and customer service. Additionally, Salesforce platform also enables you to quickly construct cloud-based, on-demand Salesforce-customized apps. Customers can communicate with clients and staff using Salesforce custom apps, which eliminates the need for face-to-face meetings.

Salesforce Custom App vs AppExchange platform app:

Here is an in-depth comparison of developing a custom Salesforce app versus purchasing an app from AppExchange platform. This analysis demonstrates four key factors which needs to be taken into consideration while making the decision.

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1. Cost-effectiveness:

Although upfront purchasing an app from AppExchange platform seems more cost-effective than building a custom Salesforce app, you must factor into consideration, AppExchange apps have a monthly subscription fee that varies according to the number of subscribers.

2. Industry Sector-Specific:

Apps purchased from AppExchange are designed to provide and satisfy universal functionality. For any industry-specific operation needs, such as handling of insurance claims, financial management of governmental institutions etc. it is preferable and recommended to build customized app.

3. Third Party software integration:

Salesforce platform provides an ability for apps to interface with other third-party systems. Custom Salesforce app guarantees simple and straightforward integration of all crucial data. Customized add-on apps integrate with the main application and are ultimately hosted on Salesforce infrastructure.

4. Easy customization:

The Salesforce apps’ simplicity to customize is one of the key factors in its widespread adoption and recognition. Salesforce apps can swiftly be modified to satisfy unique business needs. Developers can add custom features that are necessary for business and remove those that are not. There is no assurance that the vendor will consent to any alterations or modifications for apps purchased through AppExchange.


Custom Salesforce application is a wise investment since it provides customized response to business needs. It provides versatile, cost-effective solution for organization. It takes into account, complexity of business processes, unique aspects of underlying industry sector, as well as data integration needs to provide excellent client experience necessary for businesses to remain competitive in given marketplace.

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