The majority of CRM programs provide you with adequate power right out of the gate to deal with all common use-case scenarios. However, by adjusting modifications to your unique demands, you can get considerably greater value from your CRM solution. In order to help you better understand how customized CRM software can assist you in achieving your company objectives, I’ve included some of the most popular CRM customization options along with the advantages you can expect to gain by making use of them.

What should you customize in your CRM?

The CRM elements I outline below are primarily based on those from Microsoft Dynamics 365, but many significant CRMs, including Salesforce and HubSpot, offer comparable customization options.

Fields and Entities

A piece of data included within an object is referred to as a CRM entity. These objects serve as representations of customers, leads, prospects, and other business-related things. You can create particular client-handling techniques based on where customers are in a sales funnel by establishing custom entities. Entities can be further customized using fields. A standard set of fields, such as name and email address, are included with the majority of present CRM entities. You may classify your consumers more effectively by eliminating pointless fields and adding personalized ones.
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Information about your customers is stored in entities and fields. And forms are the best way to submit this data. Typical CRM forms let you add text, choose options from a drop-down menu, and checkboxes, and toggle other features. You can alter input techniques and make form names more understandable by customising forms. In order to make them more accessible, forms can also be altered. For sales representatives, marketers, customer support representatives, etc., you can develop customised forms with many possibilities. For instance, a customer service representative benefits from a form designed to track an issue that prompted a consumer to contact them, but a sales representative needs the option to define the value of an order a client placed.

Dashboards and Perspectives

While dashboards and views are used to produce meaningful output, forms allow CRM users to submit data. They are a type of data visualisation that gives consumers the knowledge they require to be successful in their daily tasks. The type of data that is displayed and the methods for manipulating it, such as sorting and highlighting, can both be changed for individual views. The main focus of customising dashboards is putting all the tools at a user’s fingertips to carry out a specific kind of activity.


A sequence of operations commonly carried out in a CRM workflow. You can include them in a custom process rather than manually choosing each step to carry out by navigating menus. According to specially established rules, workflows and process actions can be automatically carried out. As an illustration, you could specify the action of sending an email, set a time-based or trigger-based condition for when it does, and then develop a follow-up action based on the result.

Top CRM Customization Benefits:

1. Boosted Departmental Productivity

Sales, customer service, and marketing department productivity can all be raised via CRM modification. It occurs as a result of the automation of your particular jobs and the resulting savings in the time required for data entry, client segmentation, and other operations.

2. More Efficient Task Allocation

You may easily compartmentalise your processes using CRM customisation. It lessens the instances of users of CRM working on the same tasks without being aware of one another.

3. Adaptability

You can receive a solution that will support your particular business procedures through CRM customisation. This means that instead of the other way around, your CRM solution will adapt to the characteristics of your organisation.

Use your CRM More Effectively

Every organisation can profit from the robust capabilities that CRM software offers. And you can use CRM customization features to get even greater business results if you want to go a step further and incorporate CRM into your growth strategy. Reach out to the Sysfort team to fully customise your CRM if you’re just getting started or have run into trouble along the way.

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